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Your Local Real Estate Lawyers in Sturgeon Falls, North Bay and surrounding area

Whether you are dealing with simple family transfers or the normal purchase of property, issues relating to real estate are crucial. This is because it is one of the biggest and important financial decisions you will ever make. Therefore, you should always utilize the help of a lawyer in such matters. When you require real estate lawyers in Sturgeon Falls, North Bay and the surrounding area, get in touch with Stewart & Bain Professional Corporation.

Our Real Estate Services

We deal with all aspects of real estate. Be it a sale or refinancing of property, or a more complex real estate development, our lawyers Andrea Meredith Bain and David T. Stewart can help. We can also help you with planning and land development, land divisions and consolidations, and severances.

Representing Your Best Interests

For real estate matters, our goal is to make the transaction as smooth and quick as possible. From handling title searches, title insurance, and utility searches, to registering of the deed, land transfer tax, and transfer of funds, we can take care of it all. We can provide you guidance through the entire legal process to ensure all the steps are followed correctly and in a cost-effective and stress-free manner.

Land Transfer Calculator

Calculate the tax that will be incurred when you purchase land, here.

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Buying a Property?

Having experienced lawyers by your side can reduce the risk factors relating to real estate transactions.

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